Diabetes Miracle Cure - Is This For Real?

If we could all be cured of our diabetes. Wow, wouldn’t that be great.

Other than enormously invasive treatments- surgery, transplants, etc. Pancreas transplants are one aspect but the drugs used for reducing rejection of the organ are often more dangerous than the diabetes itself. Gastric bypass? You all have heard the horror stories of never eating normally again, the risk of nutritional imbalances. Obviously no real cures by these dramatic treatments.

So why are we always hearing about so called “cures” in the mainstream media. The crazy ads and programs promising “diabetes cures”?

What's really going on?

I think the definition of "curing diabetes" probably has to be defined a bit better. Earlier in medical history, diabetes was diagnosed by observing the levels of glucose that spilled over into the urine. If the level was low or not there you were not diabetic. Simple. If you had glucose and you made some changes in your lifestyle which eliminated the glucose in the urine, you were then cured.

Turns out that most folks have to have a threshold level of 180 BG (Blood Glucose) or higher to create spillover into the urine. So even if your levels were at 170 consistently, you would still be considered cured or without diabetes. Unfortunately even this level of blood glucose can be dangerous and cause unwanted health complications.

In some cases it may take BG levels of over 200 to spill into the urine. This means that they can be pushing even higher levels of BG without showing signs in the urine. I think we can agree that this is not the cure we are seeking.

Many believe that simply arriving at a place that eliminates the need for insulin you would deb cured. Being a Type 1 Diabetic and getting of Insulin therapy- that would truly be a cure of miraculous proportions. Thus, a possible inaccurate diagnosis in the first place might have gotten you treated improperly. Then of course a proper view of your condition would create the miracle. Now that’s a scam.

There are many young people now contracting “adult-onset diabetes” and always has been. In days gone by these children were likely prescribed insulin and it appears as though this was standard practice of the day. Frightening.

Sulfolnylurea drugs help numerous people with their affliction. Would that be a cure? No way, simply another form of treatment.

Even many Type 2 diabetics do a poor job of controlling their disease and need to take insulin. If they concentrated on adequate levels of exercise and a better diet in many cases there would be no need for insulin, probably just oral drugs, and sometimes not even when weight loss is the side effect.

For anyone diagnosed in the earliest stages of type 2 when the beta cells still produce a good level of natural insulin the weight loss can be just the remedy to overcome the extra insulin resistance. Once later stages are recognized, and beta cells are toasted, even massive weight loss may not help right away.

This goes back to the definition of "cured". Stopping insulin may not be a cure at all, just a controlled disease, but that's ok.


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